FibreFENCE for the Kazan Airport


Despite its small dimensions, Republic of Tatarstan is one of the most economically developed regions of Russia, and probably the one growing faster today.  Some of the Russian biggest petrochemical, chemical, machine building, aviation and helicopter industries are based within Tatarstan borders. Unsurprisingly Tatarstan’s capital airport is becoming nowadays one of the most important ones in whole Russia. 

Under the impulse of 2013 Summer Universiades, and even more 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russian Aviation Agency (Rosaviatsia) started a 3-stage Kazan international airport reconstruction plan, including the construction of 2 new terminals T2 and T3, a new railway to connect city center and other facilities. Airport’s runway will also be rebuilt to be able to land all types of civil aircraft including the world’s biggest airbus – A-380.

The reconstruction, to be completed by 2025, will allow the airport to service 5.2 million passengers per year. During 2013, 6.500m of new perimeter fence have been installed to protect the extended airport surface. Thanks to its proven advantages and cost effectiveness, Fibre Net FIBREFENCE radio-transparent system has been chosen to fence 725m close to most sensitive and delicate landing instruments, in order to ensure their maximum efficiency and consequently flight safety.

Beside radio-transparency and frangibility features required by ICAO, at Kazan Airport all structures have to face extreme weather conditions: temperatures floating from -30°C to +30°C, humidity constantly over 80% and heavy rainfalls on average 80-100 days/year: this makes Fibre Net FIBREFENCE GFRP fences a perfect solution to cope with this demanding conditions, thanks to their intrinsic resistance to corrosion and cold-heat cycles ageing.

To improve airport protection, fence has been designed with safety top-guard outrigger, to support not only anti-intrusion wires but mesh extended too: fence overall height reach 2.8m making almost impossible to climb over it. Furthermore, fence has been completed with optic-fiber intrusions detection system to acknowledge potential fence breaks, cuttings or damages.

Contracting company Group LB perform the installation of 725m fence, including one 5,0m wide GFRP radio-transparent double leaf gate suitable for firefighting and emergency services trucks passage, in less than 10 working days.

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