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Fencing systems for Sofia airport


Sofia Airport, Bulgaria, ranks among the fastest growing airports in Europe, in spite of the current world crisis, which undoubtedly cut back the positive trend of the latest years in the sector.

Sofia’s good results are directly linked to a few bold developments, which helped the airport reach a modern network of air transport, not only at national level (domestic flights), but at a wider range. This has turned Sofia into one of the most remarkable airports in Europe and worldwide.

The target certainly required several sizeable investments in infrastructures and technology. Among others, the construction of the new terminal 2 and the modernization of the older terminal, built back in the first half of the twentieth century, as well as the construction of a new 3600m-long runway and of new taxiways. The newly built runway is equipped with navigation aids enabling landing operations under low visibility conditions at category III of the ICAO standards.

It is on this issue that a partnership was started between Sofia Airport and Fibre Net. In fact, the runway front needed to be enclosed with a radio-transparent fencing and confining system, so as to avoid any possible interference with the extant ILS systems, while at the same time guaranteeing good mechanical strength, resistance to UV-rays and wear, and absolutely no need for maintenance. Fibre Net, the manufacturers of radio-transparent FRP fences compliant with ICAO standards, worked with the technical department of the airport to develop a type of FRP fence totally consistent with the prescriptions of the Bulgarian Civil Aviation and then started to manufacture the parts (nets, posts and accessories made of radio-transparent FRP) in their plant in Udine (Italy).

The system was installed by a company appointed thereto by the airport company. Installation was fast and easy and reached the technical and aesthetical result required, at extremely low costs and with such a long life as no other radio-transparent material – e.g. wood – can guarantee. The airport managers expressed their total satisfaction with the final result, delivery times and excellent quality-to-price ratio and voiced their intention to continue their partnership with the Italian company.

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airport fencing

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