FibreFENCE fencing for Hong Kong international airport.

Fencing Challenge

Fencing systems specialists

Due to the significant growth rates in passenger, cargo traffic and aircraft movements over the past decade, the Chek Lap Kok International Airport (HKIA), the main airport in Hong Kong, has come up with the Master Plan 2030, which outlined the future development plans of the area to cope the growing demand. According to IATA’s estimations, the airport will handle over 100 million passengers, 8.9mt cargo and 607,000 aircraft movements annually by 2030. After a public consultation, local authorities made the decision to expand airport capacity and perimetral fencing through the construction third runway (3RS) from the existing two-runway system (2RS).

Thanks to its exclusive production technology and construction design, FibreFENCE has been recognized internationally as the best solution to fence and protect airports sensitive areas surrounding ILS or Radars equipment and devices. As a result, it has been included as mandatory feature in the tender specification of the entire project by the Hong Kong Airport Authority.

FibreFENCE fencing solution

The public tender was awarded to Sapr Jv, a Joint Venture composed of Sinohydro Corporation Ltd, Powerchina Construction Company Ltd, Paul Y Construction Company Ltd and Rock-One Engineering Company Ltd. Sapr Jv has chosen FibreFENCE thanks its exclusive production technology and construction design meet the ICAO standards in terms of radio transparency and frangibility so as the security in the sensitive areas is guaranteed. Moreover, FibreFENCE fencing systems fit with the airport infrastructures design, keep initial investment very low and reduce maintenance nearly to zero.

As a matter of fact, lead time and delivery consistency are always critical factors in such huge and complicate projects: chain strength depends on weakest link, and any small delay in the supply chain can trigger a huge delay on global time schedule. On this regard, Fibre Net production know-how and reliability was the key to meet  with the challenging roadmap imposed by the contractor, while the simple and fast installation helped the contractor to complete this task in short time reducing overall costs.

The Outcome

Fibre Net provided over 6,0km of FibreFENCE mesh, with an option for further 3,3 km, which will be used for the construction of a radio transparent fence to separate the existing airport area from new one. The installation is very fast and easy, msh is extremely lightweight and its insallation doesn’t need special lifting devices or cranes on site, reducing consistently overall installation costs compared to any other solution. Mesh dimensions ensure a great visibility to improve active and passive security, while its great mechanical resistance is a guarantee against intrusion attempts and severe weather conditions typical of this region. To avoid also small wildlife intrusions, it is possible to bury part of the mesh into the ground, and to use a smaller mesh on the part closer to the ground, according to most recent Aviation Authorities recommendations.

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