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FIBREFENCE MESH fences are built directly on site by assembling GFRP mesh, profiles, and wind-bracings. This design makes FIBREFENCE MESH one of the most efficient, durable and cost-effective solution among all radio-transparent certified fencing systems available on the market. The installation is very fast and easy, all components are extremely lightweight, and they don’t need special lifting devices or cranes on site, reducing consistently overall installation costs compared to any other solution. Mesh wide apertures ensure great visibility to improve active and passive security, while its great mechanical resistance is a guarantee against intrusion attempts or impacts with animals. To avoid also small wildlife intrusions, it is possible to bury part of the mesh into the ground, and to use a smaller mesh on the part closer to the ground, according to most recent Aviation Authorities recommendations.


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Les portails FIBREFENCE GATE avec marquage CE et UNI EN 13241 – classe 5 de résistance au vent – sont disponibles en version à une ou deux volets avec une hauteur qui va jusqu’à 2,5 m et une ouverture qui va jusqu’à 12 m de largeur. Leur haut degré de frangibilité est une garantie supplémentaire lorsqu’un accès d’urgence est nécessaire pour les véhicules de sauvetage. Possibilité d’associer les systèmes FIBREFENCE MESH et FIBREFENCE RAILING aux portails. Possibilité de motoriser les portes.


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