Frangibility and Sustainability at Airport Show Dubai

FibreFENCE: Frangibility, Security, and Sustainability at the Heart of Airport Innovation – Discover the Latest Solutions at the Dubai Airport Show 2024

From May 14th to May 16th, 2024, the Dubai World Trade Center opens its doors to airport industry professionals and decision-makers who will animate the twenty-third edition of the Airport Show. FibreFENCE reaffirms its presence in Dubai within the Italian Pavilion, in collaboration with ICE, to represent the best of Made in Italy in the field of composite material airport fencing, secure, and sustainable. The Dubai event represents, in all respects, the largest B2B platform focused on sustainability and digitization, aimed at innovation.

Thanks to over twenty years of experience in developing solutions in composite materials, FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) fencing has already been installed in more than one hundred and ten airports worldwide, both civilian and military: among the reasons for this global recognition, stands the full compliance of the fencing systems with ICAO standards in terms of safety and design. FibreFENCE is indeed the ideal solution for fencing and protecting sensitive areas in airports as it offers a range of fences and gates with frangibility and radio transparency. Let’s specifically see what these two aspects mean.

ICAO Standards: FibreFENCE meets frangibility and radio transparency requirements

Fencing structures installed in critical areas (near runways, ILS or other radar equipment) must ensure radio transparency, non-magnetism, and must be frangible to avoid posing a danger in the event of a collision with aircraft. The adoption of products made of fiberglass and thermosetting resin guarantees the levels of radio transparency required in the presence of flight assistance and radar equipment (ILS or other), while the nature of the materials used guarantees a frangible behavior in case of impact. Airport fences, equipped with frangibility and compliance with the strict regulations established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), represent a fundamental pillar for the safety of modern airports. Frangibility allows fences to break in a controlled manner in case of impact, drastically reducing the risk of serious damage to aircraft and people on board. This allows preserving the integrity of airport infrastructure, reducing downtime and repair costs. Watch the video of our frangibility test:

Frangibility test

Italian perimeter security in over one hundred and ten airports worldwide

Thanks to their proven effectiveness, FibreFENCE fences have been adopted worldwide, from RAF military bases to major structures such as Hong Kong International Airport. Their resistance to extreme weather conditions makes them the ideal choice even for airports located in challenging environments such as runways near the sea or in areas with harsh climates. Easy and quick to install, they require minimal maintenance costs due to their durability and are also compatible with the most common intrusion detection systems.

Choosing FibreFENCE branded fences means perfectly meeting and complying with the required safety standards, with the guarantee of having relied on the right partner, the most experienced in this field.

Sustainability Focus

FibreFENCE airport fences represent a cutting-edge solution not only in terms of safety but also environmental sustainability, offering significant advantages both in terms of production process and operational sustainability. FRP production requires less energy than traditional materials such as steel, contributing to reducing CO2 emissions during the production process. These emissions are further reduced thanks to the lightweight nature of composite materials during transportation and installation of fences, further limiting the overall environmental impact..

Choosing FRP airport fences not only guarantees a higher level of safety and durability but also a tangible commitment to environmental sustainability and reducing the airport’s impact on the surrounding ecosystem.

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