FRP fencing, an unknown material. Dubai’s reportage – Airport show

FRP fencing, such a stranger material. Reportage da Dubai – Airport show

FibreFENCE FRP fencing systems as the only perimetral fencing systems at Airport Show.

Dubai, a hot, crowded and a desertic metropolys at the same time.

For FibreFENCE, participation in the Dubai Airport Show had unexpected results in terms of presence on the stand and interest in our product. The FRP: this unknown. Why unknown? The explanation is simple. When you represent a brand, a story, people and you know everything about your product, you think you know how to communicate it to your entire audience, you think that it’s easy to understand what it is and that great professionals have already heard about it. Actually it is not like that. In short, too many things are taken for granted when you do not come out of your shell.

Infact, with a strange pleasure, we have found that many professionals in the airport sector do not know FRP fencing, do not know composite material, perhaps they have heard of it but it is a distant concept for them. They do not imagine that glass fibers can be used together with thermosetting resins and obtain such effective systems for their sector. Other operators in the sector do not even know about fiberglass.

Explaining what FRP is, how a frangible and radiotransparent fence is born and seeing amazed faces is a really good feeling.

Created in Italy in 1926 for the aeronautical industry, FRP is in fact a composite material born from the union of glass fibers impregnated in a thermosetting resin matrix. Suitable for use in extremely corrosive environments, such as the marine, chemical and industrial ones, the FRP – GRP is an extremely light material with excellent mechanical qualities. In common use known as fiberglass, FRP is also known with the English acronyms GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) or GFRP (glass fiber-reinforced plastic). GRP systems are designed to ensure the highest possible standards of safety and protection in all airport and port facilities. Frangibile and radio-transparent fencing protects sensitive areas of airports. In adverse climatic conditions, GRP structures offer excellent mechanical performance combined with high resistance to corrosion, which contribute to extending the service life of the structures and the consequent elimination of maintenance costs.

img src="1-173.jpeg" alt="FibreFENCE explaining GRP fencing systems">
FibreFENCE explaining GRP fencing systems

The first day was special for the visit of the CEO of Emirates, Ahmed bin Said al Maktoum: for a few minutes there was a crowd of crazy people to be able to take a picture of him, he stopped at the Italian pavilion and we caught the opportunity to see it up close. The day then quickly slipped into the evening, between new contacts and pleasant conversations. There was a boom on Tuesday! Thanks to the company presentation that each company was able to make thanks to the ICE organization in the Buyers Lounge of the DWTC, our audience was made up of the most interesting buyers in the airport world, from contractors to maintenance managers and airport authorities from the Emirates, Africa and the East.

CEO di Emirates, Ahmed bin Said al Maktoum visiting Airport Show Dubai 2022

A woman representing the airport authority of a group of famous islands saw our institutional roll-up and told me “That’s what we need”. And I hadn’t spoken yet, maybe I had just said my name. Indeed, what always distinguishes one contact from another is mutual purpose and satisfaction: finding the perfect solution to a problem or need is not always easy, but when it happens it is perfect. This has happened for our brand: perfect, targeted, precise encounters, where there is an answer and a solution to the question. Let’s say that these are also and above all the values ​​that distinguish the FIBRE NET spirit and its 21 years of history.

img src="1-173.jpeg" alt="FibreFENCE explaining GRP fencing systems">

Good bye Airport Show !

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