Installation of a G.F.R.P fence for airport security

The installation of a G.F.R.P fence is easy and fast

The procedure for positioning FibreFENCE MESH is very fast and easy.
This feature represents a PLUS for the contractor and the airport authority because it translates in all respects into an important saving of time and resoruces. In fact, all components are extremely light and they don’t need special lifting devices or cranes on site. As a consequence, the overall installation costs are getting lower consistently, compared to any other solution. 

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FibreFENCE MESH installation on site

Easy, fast and worthwhile

The video shows clearly the main steps of the FibreFENCE MESH installation procedure. In this case it is a standard layout, whose height measurements range from 1 to 2.5 m. If necessary, in-line and / or perpendicular braces are installed to improve overall strength. To increase the level of safety, the vertical uprights can be equipped with an upper support bracket for anti-intrusion wires in UV-resistant plastic. In addition, to avoid the intrusion of small wildlife, you can bury part of the network in the ground. The recent recommendations of the aeronautical authorities allow to use even a smaller net on the part closest to the ground. The wide openings of the net permit great visibility to improve active and passive safety. Lastly, its great mechanical resistance is a guarantee against intrusion attempts or collisions with animals.

Watch the video!

Correct storage: learn the prescriptions

All components of FibreFENCE MESH fencing system are designed and built to withstand most severe environmental conditions, including direct UV ray actions, thanks to inherent corrosion resistance of GRP materials. In case of prolonged warehousing anyway, it’s recommended to respect the following prescriptions to ensure the correct storage of the goods:

  • It is recommended to store the goods indoor, in a dry and shaded place. If this is not possible, is it recommended to protect the goods with heavy-weight, water-proof, opaque plastic tarp.
  • It is possible to store the goods at any temperature between -30°C to +40°C.
  • Mesh rolls must be kept stored in vertical position, ensuring to maintain their original (round) shape all the time.
  • Mesh rolls can be kept winded for unlimited period of time, anyway shall the goods be stored over 3 months before installation, it is recommended to unwind the rolls and leave them flat for 24h to ease the installation.

Mail to to receive the complete documentation about the installation procedure and the proper storage.

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