Modern airfields are literally spread with hundreds of radio-transmitting or radio-receiving devices and antennas used by critical landing aid systems (ILS, MLS, GLS, TLS, NDB, VOR, DME) and meteo or traffic radars. Most of them are extremely sensitive to potential interference generated by any metallic structure within their action range. Because of the critical role played by these devices, the design and manufacturing of any surrounding premise are regulated by detailed international standards set by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), with possible improvements set by local Civil Aviation Authorities. Such standards not only forbid the use of any metallic fence and/or structure likely to compromise a full and reliable functionality of these radio devices, but also impose precise frangibility features to any structures near to the runways, with a view to minimizing damages in case of a possible impact with an aircraft. Meanwhile, airfield protection against intrusions is becoming a topical issue by reason of stunning traffic and passengers growth, multiplying sensitive targets number and raising up their protection level needs.

Security is our concern

Where steel fencing is discarded because it does not meet the standard for either radio-transparency or frangibility, where wood or thermoplastic fencing limited durability and high maintenance costs are an issue, FIBREFENCE is the innovative range of FRP fencing systems developed by Fibre Net Spa able to cope with all these apparently contrasting requirements.

TArgeted solutions

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Our engineering team provides project consultancy services and support to professionals for the sizing and design of fencing systems, according to different needs, conditions and international regulations. Our team can also provide wind load and jest blast verifications, to ensure maximum reliability and durability of the structures.


Short-term deliveries are fully guaranteed, both for in-stock and custom products, thanks to the wide selection availability in stock. As manufacturers, we can provide mutual benefit by managing a simple production chain. All systems are developed to facilitate installation and, consequently, installation times.


Thanks to our extensive and in-depth knowledge, we can support airport authorities in the design and installation of fencing systems in full compliance with international standards, such as ICAO and EASA. We aim to keep the initial investment very low and reduce maintenance to almost zero.


Our ongoing commitment to the search for innovative materials and technologically advanced systems, has led to partnerships with numerous universities, Italian and overseas research institutes and renowned institutions. Continual laboratory and on-site testing allows us to improve our products and recommend the most effective technical solutions.


The company’s attention is also focused
on saving energy and cutting CO2 emissions;
all the products are designed to be easy
to transport and handle.

We have fenced airports worldwide

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