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Today, one of the most critical concerns of air transport industry is how to ensure the highest safety and security standards possible throughout airport’s facilities. An efficient, reliable and durable perimeter enclosure is the first, essential step to achieve this goal. FibreFENCE is a range of technical fences specifically developed by Fibre Net Spa to cope with airport’s most demanding needs, the perfect solution to fence and protect airports sensitive areas surrounding ILS or Radars equipment and devices.

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From America to Asia, the airport fences speak the language of our long-standing experience.

FibreFENCE is the range of fences and gates for the airport sector designed and manufactured by FIBRE NET Spa that, thanks to the distinctive radio-transparence and frangibility of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer), unlike traditional materials, guarantees the absence of interference with ILS and Radar devices and limits damage in the event of aircraft impact, greatly improving flight safety.


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Choosing FibreFENCE means using an engineering consultancy service able to ensure:

Furthermore, the economic advantages deriving from the choice of FRP, a light and durable material with almost zero maintenance costs, are also noteworthy. The best alternative to traditional materials.



FIBRE NET has been honored with the award Industria Felix High Balance Sheet Honor, which is reserved for financially competitive and reliable companies with respect to the Cerved Group Score Impact.
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Taking advantage of its deep experience in design and manufacture of FRP composite products, Fibre Net Spa developed FibreFENCE, an innovative range of FRP fences, the best alternative to traditional enclosures.
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FibreFENCE is glad to announce that is going to exhibit and showcase its premium solutions for Airport fencing systems at the worldwide leading tradeshow of the sector, within a space in hall B5 – booth 1480. Taking place from 10…

Hong Kong Airport Authority selected FibreFENCE as strategic partner for the third runway construction project, a 18.26bn U$ worth investment overall. The contractor, Sapr JV, awarded the Italian manufacturer for the supply of several km of the critical radio transparent fencing system.

FibreFENCE is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Saudi Airport Exhibition, scheduled for December 19 and 20, 2023, at RICEC Riyadh. As a prominent exhibitor, FibreFENCE will showcase its cutting-edge solutions within the Italy Pavilion at booth number…

NEWS Welcome to FIBREFENCE World! It's official, the new website is finally online! We are proud to announce the new partnership with iVision group, the digital company that has made it possible! Thanks to the trustworthy experience and skills, iVision…

FibreFENCE: Frangibility, Security, and Sustainability at the Heart of Airport Innovation - Discover the Latest Solutions at the Dubai Airport Show 2024 From May 14th to May 16th, 2024, the Dubai World Trade Center opens its doors to airport industry…

FibreFENCE back to inter airport Europe 2021 FibreFENCE is thrilled to partecipate at inter airport Europe 2021, the international exhibition for airport equipment, technology, design and services taking place at the Munich Trade Fair Centre in Germany from 9 to…

FibreFENCE lands again in Greece, at Aktion airport, with FibreFENCE MESH fences.

Airport Show 2022 is the largest B2B platform focused on sustainability, aiming to ensure a better future for the airport industry. What’s new in Airport Show Dubai Airport show will launch e-Apron zone. The e-Apron zone will provide exhibitors an…

FRP fencing, such a stranger material. Reportage da Dubai - Airport show FibreFENCE FRP fencing systems as the only perimetral fencing systems at Airport Show. Dubai, a hot, crowded and a desertic metropolys at the same time. For FibreFENCE, participation…

The complex "airport" system: safety, security and economic development The airport is an articulated, vital system in which various actors operate. Within the aviation supply chain, the airport provides a variety of services finalised at ensuring the highest level of…


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